Infographic: The evolution of listening to the Voice of the Customer

9th Oct 2017

As customer experience management strategies and technologies have matured, so the the ways that companies capture and use customer feedback has changed. 

And the transformation has been radical. 

This infographic, by customer experience management thought leader David Jacques, illustrates some of the shifts that have taken place.

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VoC evolution

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call center solutions
By ARC Pointe Call Center
20th Nov 2017 02:34

Very good infographic!
When customers are satisfied or even happy with their experience with your company, they may return as a repeat customer and may tell friends about their experience.
When you want your customers to be fully satisfied with their experience with your business, you want to have the best support agents working on your behalf.

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By markgrogan
16th Jan 2019 07:28

There are so many industry players today in the business world that competition is strong on every single one. Service providers are so busy every single day competing with one another that sometimes they overlook to focus on their main supporter -- consumers. Thus, it is important to listen to them and their needs in order to cater to their exact demand and remain relevant for long.

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By RituGupta
18th Jan 2019 06:49

I love seeing how technology is changing the way we listen to customers. The premise is the same, but we can arrive at a solution that much quicker thanks to the analytics!

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