CX Company

CX Company enables your organisation to design and deliver automated, intelligent and personalised conversations in each step of the customer journey. Across every digital channel and device. Conversations that drive an improved customer experience, increased self-service rates and higher conversions. Helping your customers to get their jobs done.

Whether you want an intelligent chatbot on Facebook messenger, a virtual agent on your website or a conversational digital assistant in your app, our SaaS-conversation platform DigitalCX, makes it easy to turn your needs, creativity and knowledge into automated conversations.

DigitalCX combines over a decade of experience with the best Natural Language Processing, supervised machine learning techniques and powerful knowledge management.

Together with our 50+ Clients internationally, we've made our software very easy to work with. You and your employees can work with Artificial Intelligence without the need to code.

CX Company - Automated conversations to get the job done.