Thursday, June 30, 2022 - 16:00 - 16:00

Virtual roundtable: Why it's time to champion customer experience

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Virtual roundtable: Why it's time to champion customer experience

Thursday, June 30, 2022 - 16:00

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Virtual roundtable: Why it's time to champion customer experience

In January 2020, Forrester predicted that the role of the customer experience professional had reached a crossroads, and that as many as one in four CX pros could lose their jobs through the year because they weren’t showing enough business impact from it.

This was the landscape before COVID-19, and now, after over a year of great challenge as a result of the pandemic, questions are being asked of the validity of customer experience as an organisational strategy, culture and profession.

In this final session of MyCustomer’s inaugural 2021 CX Leader Sessions, we were joined by four champions of CX to discuss the profession’s future.

Ian Golding the founder of Customer Experience Consultancy, Clare Muscutt the founder of Women in CX, Elizabeth Magill, VP Marketing from Cyara and Customer Strategist and CX Leader Patricia Sanchez-Diaz from British Gas / Centrica join us to discuss: 

  • The critical requirements of the customer experience professional/ leader as we look ahead to the coming 12 months and beyond
  • The people, process and technology skills that will make up the future CX leader
  • Advice about ensuring customer experience stays top of the agenda in all organisations in the future 

Register here for an on-demand viewing of a great session! 

This roundtable is part of MyCustomer's CX Leader Sessions - a programme of on-demand and live digital sessions throughout June 2021 dedicated to helping customer experience professionals excel in their roles. 

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