DispatchTrack’s story begins with two entrepreneurs and a couch. After a smooth experience buying new living room furniture for their home, Shailu Satish and Satish Natarajan were surprised by the complete lack of transparency in the delivery process. They had no idea when their new couch would arrive—and when it did, it was missing a cushion that no one could seem to locate. It quickly became apparent that this was a persistent, industry-wide problem—exactly the kind of problem they’d made careers of solving.

Within months, they were exhibiting an early prototype of DispatchTrack in front of home furnishing retailers. Over the next decade, the company grew into a leading solution provider, solving delivery management challenges for furniture retailers, food and beverage distributors, 3PLs, and many other businesses around the globe. DispatchTrack is still led by its entrepreneur founders and their core team of collaborators.