Ei Evolution Summit+

The Ei Evolution Summit + isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of talks, workshops and expert interviews culminating in a two-day summit.

A first-of-its-kind event that puts CX, EX and RX together with global heavyweights in all these fields (and beyond). For more information, visit https://register.eievolutionsummit.com/ei-summit.

Have you ever come across a 5 months-long event? What about an event for Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Remote Work Experience? Or an event that covers emotion, emotional intelligence, and empathy and how to harness these in your personal and professional life?

No to all of these? Neither did we, which is why we’ve put this together!

Meet the Ei Evolution Summit+: five months of learning about customer, employee and remote work experience, underpinned with emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence culminating into a two-day summit headlined by none other than the legendary Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, the biggest names in emotional intelligence and emotion, respectively!

The inaugural Ei Evolution Summit+ will take you on a unique learning journey as we work towards understanding a more ‘human’ perspective to our professional lives in this new and changing world of work. Discover how weaving emotional intelligence, emotion and empathy into our work not only makes us feel more fulfilled but is also a huge source of dividend for business. Employees flourish, customers engage and business thrives: win-win-win!

This isn’t your regular event though. Over the 5 months of content, you will not just hear from renowned thought leaders, you will also get an active and ongoing opportunity to engage with your fellow attendees and experience Wellness sessions, including the opportunity to partake into Laughing Yoga and learn about Bhangra Dancing and so, so much more.

Visit https://register.eievolutionsummit.com/ei-summit to find out more and secure your seat to a world-first event concept. Registration opens on May 4.