Brian Solis: Experience is key and there will be “an Uber of every industry"

5th Feb 2016

Leading author and speaker, Brian Solis, spent three and a half years working on his latest book, X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design, during which time he found clarity about why ‘experience’ is a topic we won’t be dismissing as buzz or hype any time soon:    

“Experience is the sum of all engagements a customer has with you in their journey and, more importantly, their lifecycle. Any one moment doesn’t equate to an experience.

“At its very core, experience is an emotion. Whether good, bad or indifferent. It’s as much about technology as people – what they think and feel in these moments they have with you. But that takes design. They don’t see everything behind the scenes, but they see the marvel of what experiences you deliver.”

The Uber experience

Like many of us, Solis cites Uber as the pioneer for this new world where businesses are able to disrupt an entire sector through experience alone. And he firmly believes there will be “an Uber of every industry”:

“It always starts with a shift in perspective. It’s the hardest part. When we see innovation and disruption, our natural response is scepticism or cynicism. Innovation begins with how we see and interpret the world, then how you take action.

“The experience is absolutely necessary. Think about it through the lens of how your customers want to go through life. Think about what Uber’s built on – mobile, social…that all existed before. The vision of solving that problem the way Uber solves it is what’s changed the future of transport and logistics forever.

"We are creating a market of narcissists. But the reality is, if we do not design for that, we’re missing true opportunities for innovation.”

Solis states designing for 'experience' requires a more holistic view of the customer, incorporating a number of facets he calls experience architecture.

We caught up with Brian at Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience event in London, to decipher what exactly that means and why it's important:

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