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CEM is biggest bugbear for customer officers

28th Aug 2012
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Two thirds of customer experience professionals believe CEM is the greatest challenge to their organisation, new research has shown.

A new study from the Customer Management Exchange Network set out to understand the biggest frustrations from those within the customer experience industry and found cultural change and centricity ito be the second biggest challenge.

According to the report, 50% of respondents – chief customer officers, VPs and directors of CX from across the UK, US & EU – claimed the problem lies in needing all business units to embrace the customer and align business strategies before being able to move into a customer centric environment.

Nearly half of those surveyed also cited turning customer insight and data analytics into actionable intelligence as another major challenge for the next 12 months, followed by multichannel integration (37%); online CX and social media (31%); customer satisfaction and loyalty (29%); and customer engagement (25%).

“As businesses look to meet growing customer demands, robust and effective CEM strategies are pivotal to the success of these goals. By focusing on business processes and operational objectives CEM can be successfully used to meet the needs of the individual customer,” said the report. 

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