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Consumers demanding social login for better brand engagement – study

4th May 2012
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The majority of UK consumers (85%) are advocating social login as an alternative to traditional online registration, according to new research.

According to Janrain, which surveyed over 600 social media active consumers for the report, the demand for social login highlights consumers’ disenfranchisement with brands with 96% of respondants claiming to receive irrelevant information and promotions from brands.

The research also shows that despite a desire for closer brand engagement, most consumers are still supplying inaccurate data when registering for a website due to a onerous registration process or security concerns, said the firm.

According to the findings, 68% of consumers are bothered by website registrations and will consequently leave the site and/or go to an alternative site, whilst 78% claimed to have given incomplete or incorrect information.

Additionally, the research revealed a major change in consumers’ preferred engagement with brands with 57% of those surveyed citing the personalisation capability of social login as positive and 64% claiming they would be more likely to return to a brand’s website if the experience is personalised.

Russell Loarridge from Janrain said: “With Gartner predicting that 80% of discretionary buying from consumers will be driven through effective digital marketing, Janrain’s research clearly indicates that it is time for organisations to focus on the core requirements: social login exploits the proven security expertise of social networks, removes barriers and, critically, provides a platform for truly effective user engagement.

“Consumers want to be engaged – and they are willing to share their profile with organisations in order to improve the online experience. It is those brands that are on the leading edge, that are innovating and providing a truly engaging consumer experience that are building stronger customer relationships and achieving a tangible increase in market share.”

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