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Consumers only have five email BFBs (best friend brands). Are you one?

16th Jul 2014
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The battle to get noticed via email is becoming intense, yet despite people seemingly having more choice, they’re not necessarily casting their net wider.

That’s the verdict of Silverpop’s latest market research, which has discovered that consumers rarely have more than five brands they’re willing to repeatedly open emails and buy products from, despite a large percentage admitting their inboxes are becoming increasingly clogged.

Nicknaming them ‘Best Friend Brands’, Silverpop surveyed over 4,000 consumers across the UK, U.S. and Germany to reveal just how difficult it is for businesses to get any traction from potential customers as a result of email marketing, and become one of their so-called ‘top five’ best-buds.

Only 55% of emails from brands get opened by consumers, according to the research. Despite 70% of consumers stating they would be more likely to make a purchase if a brand’s initial email was tailored to their preferences and interests, a large proportion (58%) admitted that more often than not, this wasn’t the case. Indeed, 26% of consumers stated that a brand’s email approach would often lead them into not buying from them in the future, because of the lack of relevance.

“Consumers prioritise brand relationships much like they do personal relationships, with some being closer and more important than others,” said Dave Walters, product strategist at Silverpop.

“While brands are competing for attention, it’s critical for them to get their correspondence with consumers just right in order to be considered a Best Friend Brand. Brands can no longer simply take the same-for-all approach. Outreach must be tailored to each individual’s needs and email offers a fantastic opportunity for this type of relationship building.”

Given that seven out of ten state they’re more likely to open tailored emails, personalisation is almost certainly deemed a favourable method of engagement for many brands. This is backed by  Silverpop’s research which suggests better personalisation can lead to more trust, which consumers state is integral to whether they open emails regularly or not.

Indeed, 64% of those polled said they would be more inclined to open an email because they already trusted the brand in question, with this importance highest in the U.S. – with 70% of respondents influenced by it, compared with 60% in the UK and 55% in Germany.

The good news is, consumers still want to interact via email. More than two thirds (67%) of of those polled stated they still wanted to receive information such as new products, special offers, transactional information and newsletters via email.

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