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Consumers slam online shopping experience on tablet computers

8th Nov 2011
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Despite a proliferation of apps, the online shopping experience for tablet computer users is falling short, a new study has found.

The experience of shopping with a tablet PC is much less satisfying than with your desktop computer, according to a survey of nearly 5,000 people by customer experience consultancy Foviance, with customers up to 18% less happy with their tablet experience compared to their desktop PCs.
The second annual Customer Experience survey study commissioned by Foviance in association with Econsultancy focused on the customer experience in the retail, banking, travel and mobile phone markets.
Whilst companies are rushing to create apps on Apple, Android and Nokia stores it seems that they are not delivering for customers. The Apple store now has more than 200,000 apps, far more choice than the 40,000 products in a branch of Tesco but apps are not delivering the experience of their full-blown desktop cousins.
According to the survey, people are looking for efficient customer service (51%) and high-quality products (39%) at a low price (49%). Apps don’t appear to be robustly designed and have service issues. 
One customer, Muir MacDonald, explained that his new Skype app for iPad2 stopped working when he updated iTunes. “I delete a lot of apps that just don’t work as suppliers tend to ignore complaints and don’t fix them,” he said.
Foviance also surveyed 650 companies and asked them about their commitment to customer experience.  Only 10% felt that apps were ‘integrated’ with their overall customer experience, as compared to 48% with their website experience. 
Even though 69% of people will recommend a company based on a good customer experience, 40% of companies said that the major barrier to improving customer experience was ‘complexity of customer experience’.
The report can be downloaded from the Foviance website at

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