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Engagement with ad campaigns plummets as marketers lose focus

5th Aug 2011
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Customer response to cross-channel advertising campaigns has nosedived according to a new report, as marketers have been trying too hard to look “clever” rather than taking a pragmatic approach to campaigns.

 According to a survey by the Fournaise Marketing Group, customer responses fell by an average of 19% across 20 global markets year-on-year in the first half of 2011.
Response fell the most in mature markets such as the US and Europe (23%), but developing markets such as China also experienced decreasing customer engagement with advertising (16%).
Online ads suffered the most, with online display ads and sponsorships experiencing a 26% and 35% decrease in engagement respectively. Overall, the research found that online ads were 25% less effective than traditional ads for incremental customer demand generation.
Fournaise believes that financial caution from consumers has had a large part to play in the findings.
But it also suggests that the campaigns are becoming less effective because marketers are focusing more on creativity than on the benefits and strengths of the products and services.
Jerome Fontaine, CEO and chief tracker of Fournaise, said:  “At a time when CEOs and stakeholders are asking marketing to achieve better results and a better marketing ROI to get more customer demand, a 19% decrease in advertising response is alarming.
“We noticed a real down-to-earth effort from ROI marketers to try to correct that trend. But we also noticed too many traditional marketers lost sight of the fact that the job of their ad campaigns is to generate customer demand for their products/services, not to just look pretty and clever in the media.”
Fournaise measured cross-channel advertising campaigns for its large, SME and agency clients across all media, including traditional and online. Further findings revealed that B2B and B2C campaigns had suffered a drop.

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