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Gartner: Enterprises must harness Nexus of Forces for customer engagement

19th Oct 2012
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Organisations must harness the Nexus of Forces – the convergence of social, mobility, Cloud and information – to engage with their customers and staff, says Gartner.

Chris Howard, managing VP at Gartner and author of Engage, Learn, Create and Disrupt With the Nexus of Forces, described the Nexus as a “platform for engagement, the dissemination, collection and analysis of data, value creation and creative disruption.”

He added: “As such, the transformative nature of the Nexus will be felt across a multitude of industries and use cases — from new retail techniques to the democratisation of money.”

Modern approaches to IT delivery, product development and marketing require deeper engagement with and ‘pull’ from the user as consumer. Whilst the Nexus enables reach rather than guaranteeing engagement, the design, portability and usability of mobile applications; the contextually relevant delivery of information; and the integration with related user actions all create engagement, said the analyst firm.

The Nexus of Forces is a platform for the dissemination, collection and analysis of data with emergent tools and techniques assisting any organisation wanting to capitalise on this information exchange.

Additionally, it has also become a platform for value creation but the challenge for enterprise IT and vendors is that the hyperflexible nature of the Nexus of Forces makes traditional IT delivery and architecture increasingly obsolete.

Finally, the Nexus is highly disruptive, said Gartner, not only to IT delivery, but also to many of the fundamentals of traditional business. These forces, driven by the consumer, threaten to disintermediate longstanding, previously unquestioned services and structures.

Howard added: “The Nexus of Forces demands a fundamental shift in enterprise perspective. This is not a simple shift, but it is essential for success in the technology-immersed world of the Nexus of Forces. Leading organisations use the Nexus of Forces to engage with their users and partners, learn from observing interactions, create compelling experiences and new sources of value, and embrace disruption.”


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