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Infosys and WPP team to simplify digital marketing with new platform

24th Apr 2012
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Heralding a new era of innovation-led growth, technology provider and IT consultant Infosys has cut the ribbon on a new Experience Centre in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, and launched a new Cloud-based digital marketing platform in partnership with advertising giant WPP.

On Monday, Infosys CEO S D Shibulal was joined by WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell at the inauguration of the brand new Infosys Experience Centre, which has been built to showcase technology innovation. 
The second of what is intended to be a series of such “show and tell” venues around the globe, and the first outside of India, the Experience Centre boasts a number of interactive multimedia rooms that Shibulal said will “showcase our innovation and our partners’ innovation”.
And the vendor wasted no time showcasing new technology as it unveiled its brand new digital marketing platform, BrandEdge. The solution, co-created with WPP company Fabric, has been “designed to address the digital marketer’s need to efficiently build digital properties, easily listen to consumers, effectively understand segments, and engage consumers across channels”.
Explaining the importance of a platform to support marketers in the current landscape, Samson David, VP and global head of business platforms for Infosys, said, “The CMO’s world is undergoing a tectonic shift. There is an explosion of technology – social, mobile Big Data, Cloud… all of these enable super possibilities. Consumers have been smart in adopting these technologies and have figured out the best way to use them. Large enterprises have not been able to adopt these technologies. So CMOs must make sure their brands are where the consumer already is.
“They need something to cut through the complexity to build campaigns and run them effectively. And that is the fundamental zen of BrandEdge.”
The platform comprises four modules (BLUE) that serve as the underlying framework:
  • BUILD: It brings together internal and external stakeholders on a single platform to collaborate seamlessly to help create, manage and reuse digital properties efficiently, reducing time-to-market by up to 40% and costs by up to 30%.
  • LISTEN: Integrates, owned and earned digital asset data, with CRM data and other third-party data sources to provide a unified view of the consumer in real-time across the organisation.
  • UNDERSTAND: Provides advanced intelligence to analyse consumer behaviur across multiple digital channels, enabling marketers to improve targeting of existing consumers.
  • ENGAGE:. It provides a common gateway to a catalogue of pre-integrated marketing tools to connect with consumers across a range of digital channels, such as email, social media and advertisement gateways.
Sir Martin Sorrel further explained the importance of the platform to the new marketing environment. “In recent years we’ve started to connect with CMOs, CIOs and CTOs in a much more coherent way, and we’ve discovered there is confusion,” he said. “The CMOs are at the front end and the CIOs are at the back, and we’re trying to get them together on one platform, so that the CIOs are happy and the CMOs can do what they like as long as they are on the one platform.”
Listing the four key messages about the platform, Sorrell added: “This is a platform that allows clients to own their own data. Secondly, it’s a platform that allows clients to manage data and privacy settings, which these days is critical because of privacy concerns. Thirdly, it allows you to find and act on what matters to you. And finally, the platform sits between the CIO and the CMO to allow greater functionality.”
Pharma giant GSK is among three organisations that are already using BrandEdge, with Sorrell indicating that all three had experienced “good successes… three pitches and three wins”.

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