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Jive Intranet Solution adds gamification tool to engage staff

29th Mar 2012
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Jive Software has announced the launch of its Social Intranet Solution, integrated with a new gamification module aimed at engaging employees.

Built on the Jive Social Business platform, the new intranet solution combines social features, advanced gamification technology and deep integration with Microsoft applications. It also adapts to user needs based on rich social graph analysis and is integrated with other business systems, said the firm. 

The new gamification technology is powered by Bunchball and aims to engage employees through internal competitions and rewards with colleagues, or externally with customers to become "product champions". 

According to the firm, most businesses rely on traditional intranets but these are mostly stale, static and siloed and based on managing content rather than engaging people.  

Esteban Kolsky, founder of ThinkJar, said: “Enterprise intranets with static, outdated information fall short of the needs and expectations of today's sophisticated workforce. Employees are often frustrated with the rigidity of the technology and the difficulty of getting to the right information and subject-matter experts. With the latest advancements in social business, there is clearly an unprecedented opportunity to transform intranets into internal social networks that are engaging and productive.”

The solution also offers:

  • Collaboration capabilities: Such as easy document creation and editing, intelligent recommendations and filtered activity streams
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Access from most popular smartphone and tablet devices
  • Integration with legacy systems: Easy migration of the old data and content into the new social intranet
  • Access to Jive Apps Market

John F. Rizzo, CMO at Jive, said: “Today's intranets are based on crumbling portals or stale SharePoint sites – systems built to maintain content, not engage employees. The Jive Social Intranet Solution liberates the data trapped into these old systems, giving it flexibility, context and relevance. We want to offer our customers a more social and rewarding way to engage internally, for increased productivity and collaboration.”

On the integraiton of gamification into its social business platform, Nathan Rawlins, VP of Product Marketing at Jive, said: "We're thrilled to partner with Bunchball. For years Jive has used game mechanics to drive user engagement. With Bunchball, we're taking gamification to the next level - we are giving Jive customers the ability to personalise incentives that encourage specific business activities for greater user engagement and business value."

Both Jive Gamification and Jive Social Intratnet Solution are available from today. 


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