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Moxie brings knowledge management to collaboration tool

1st May 2013
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Moxie Software has announced that it is merging existing software Knowledge Spaces with its enterprise collaboration technology – recently made free – to create Social Knowledgebase.

The combined offering aims to bridge the gap between those working in knowledge management and contact centre agents by combining the Knowledge Spaces’ search engine, which delivers information from databases, RSS feeds, categories and forums to enterprise staff, with the typical capabilities of a collaboration platform such as user profiles, activity streams, groups and projects.

Additionally, the content workflow feature enables users to recommend and promote content from the collaborative application to the knowledge workflow, where it can be certified and published to employees or customers.

Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie Software explained in a statement that “Organisations analysing big data are really after big knowledge – intelligence they can put to use making their enterprises more agile to efficiently serve customers by creating superlative customer experiences.”

Speaking to Tara Sporrer, VP of marketing, said that the company is launching the service following demand from Moxie’s customers to help them source knowledge more efficiently.

“The challenge of knowledge managers has been to keep the data up to date. You have a few authors whose job it is to maintain a vast amount of data and we all know, as customers, that the information we receive often is not relevant.

“Light bulbs went off that what's happening with collaboration is very relevant to how information gets sourced in the enterprise. If you can put a customer problem out to staff in the collaboration environment, you get access to information and people that you otherwise would not have had.”

She added: “So applying the internal collaboration platform to that problem was the genesis of this product, as well as helping to create additional ROI in the contact centre and ultimately provide a better customer experience.”

Johan Jacobs, research director at Gartner, said of the launch: “Social Knowledge is about harvesting the potentially rich stratum of information created in social networking sites and discussion forums. It is about sifting through this input to decide what is appropriate and applicable to your organization, and using that information as input in the development of product- and service-specific content.”

Last week, Moxie Software made Collaboration Spaces freely available to any organisation of any side, claiming that enterprises will only need to pay for the service when collaboration is integrated to a specific business process.

The arrival of Social Knowledge base is seemingly the next step in that strategy of delivering additional value  – the ability to extract a piece of data, put it through a knowledge workflow and then present it to a customer or employee – that customers are then willing to pay for.

Social Knowledgebase is available immediately.

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