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MyCustomer's 10 most popular articles of 2018

10th Dec 2018
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What have MyCustomer's audience been most interested in over the last 12 months?

Customer experience management's rise up the corporate agenda has manifested itself in many ways - from the establishment of new roles and responsibilities (such as chief customer officers and customer success managers) to the implementation of new processes and practices (such as the almost ubiquitous customer journey mapping). 

As we look at our ten most-read resources this year, we see many of these trends and developments reflected in the content you're reading. So here's the top 10 stories that have piqued your interest this year.     

1. The end of NPS? Why it's time to measure your customers' needs instead

Net Promoter Score has been a valuable metric for customer experience leaders, allowing them to measure their performance and provide a comparison to their peers. But in this provocative article, Stephen Hewett argues it is fundamentally flawed - and presents a viable alternative. 

2. GDPR and the Right to be Forgotten: How to process requests for erasure

The General Data Privacy Regulation delivered a major shake-up of the way that organisations collect, store and use their customer data. It finally allowed customers to seize back control of their data - including the right to demand their details were deleted. In this article, experts shared best practice advice for dealing with customers who exercise their right to erasure. 

3. Will GDPR kill the third-party data market?

Organisations frequently use third-party data to top up their own first-party data for marketing purposes. But ultimately, third-party data is not your customers' data, and its use is a bone of contention with some. For this reason, it is the most restricted type of data based on privacy laws. And GDPR was to further restrict its use. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal only served to further rock consumer confidence in the way their data is being collected and used. Against this backdrop, Chris Ward examined whether GDPR could prove to be the final nail in the coffin for third party data. 

4. Customer journey mapping research report 2018

Our research into journey mapping adoption and practices was hugely popular this year. Based on a survey of 250 CX leaders, it revealed how mature the discipline is, what the barriers to successful journey mapping are, and what the practices are of those that are reporting the biggest business benefits of CJM. 

5. Why CX must not be the responsibility of customer service or marketing

Part of Sampson Lee's highly successful series Stop practicing conventional customer experience management, this piece examined why the author believes that the positioning of CX has to be strategic, not functional, in order for it to be successful.

6. Stop getting CX wrong: Why conventional CX is just service-in-disguise

The second of Sampson Lee's series to feature in our top 10, this article examined the reasons for the high failure rate amongst customer experience initiatives - and asked whether it is because they are too focused on serving customers better, at the expense of a more holistic approach to the customer experience. 

7. How chief customer officers can impact CX in their first 90 days

The proliferation of the role of chief customer officer has been an endorsement of customer experience management as a practice and philosophy. But the chief customer officer role has, on average, the shortest tenure of any c-suite executive. With this in mind, Amanda Forshew shared some advice to ensure that CCOs have an instant impact on customer experience. 

8. The Voice of the Customer Guide 2018

While businesses are collecting more feedback from their customers than ever before, turning that insight into action remains a mystery for many. So in this guide we shared best practices, case studies and practical advice to help companies ensure that their Voice of the Customer programme turns insights into a real catalyst for change across their organisations.

9. What are customer success managers and why are they so important?

Kicking off a new series about customer success managers that will continue into 2019, this article explored why CSMs are one of the fastest-growing roles in the business world. 

10. Do businesses understand what customer experience teams do?

Customer experience has an identity crisis! But in this article Ebenezer Banful outlined how CX teams should explain their role in the organisation.



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