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From the United Airlines' overbooking scandal to Pepsi's ill-conceived Kendall Jenner protest ad, there have been no shortage of trials and tribulations for brands in 2017.

But how has this untold turbulence affected those working in customer-facing roles? We look at our ten most-read articles to see what's piqued our readers' interest across the year.       

1. Why brands must stop trying to eliminate customer effort.
In this provocative piece, author Sampson Lee challenges the notion that organisations should strive to create effortless service interactions.

2. The past, present and future of AI in customer experience.
Customer experience luminary, Brian Solis examines the implications of artificial intelligence for the world of customer experience.

3. Customer service: Why it's time to shift to a proactive mindset
2017 has seen many leading brands switch their focus in the contact centre from being a 'reactive' function to one that's able to preempt and resolve customer issues before they arise. In this introductory piece to MyCustomer's proactive customer service series, Sue Duris explores how feasible making the switch is.    

4. Six reasons why customer-centricity should NOT be an objective in 2017.
Jack Springman explains why customer-centricity is an impossible dream, and how efforts to become so may actually be an impediment to the customer experience.

5. What is emotion's role in customer journey mapping? 
Customer journey mapping has become one of the key tools for today’s customer-centric organisations, yet too often the mapping exercise omits a vital component driving many customer decisions: emotion. 

6. How to identify the best organisational structure for your customers.
In this extract from Adrian Swinscoe’s 2016 book, How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing, the author explores some of the different company structures that organisations have deployed in an attempt to bring them closer to the customer.

7. CRM requirements gathering: How to get it right.
The process of requirements gathering is probably the single biggest determinant of CRM success. Here’s our best practice advice.

8. Will GDPR kill the third-party data market?
With this year’s data discussions dominated by the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the greatest concerns for marketers is their relationship with third-parties. In this post, we talked to experts to determine what happens to the third-party data industry in the wake of GDPR. 

<<Report download: The GDPR and its implications for the use of customer data>> 

9. Customer effort is good: How successful brands make their customers sweat.
Sampson Lee expands on his previous piece to explain why some organisations are successful despite having obvious friction points in their customer journeys.

10. The 20 emotions that drive or destroy value in customer experience.
Customer behaviour expert, Colin Shaw discusses the findings of research which identified 20 emotions, grouped into four clusters, that influence the customer experience and business performance.  

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