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Poor mobile engagement has customers turning off

13th Apr 2012
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New research reveals the link between mobile engagement and customer loyalty as nearly half of mobile users admit to ditching a brand for poor experience.

Experience design agency Foolproof surveyed over 500 people and found 47% have ceased dealing with a brand completely as a direct of its mobile service or app not being good enough, labelling them unprofessional (38%), poorly managed (36%) and out of touch with customers (35%).

According to Foolproof, mobile devices provide new spaces for companies to connect with brands  - customers  can shop, research and gamble on the move – but the winners of these spaces will be the brands that implement a customer-centric vision for mobile.

However, the research revealed these opportunities will be hard-earned as 81% of respondents believe a mobile service or app has to make a strong first impression if they are to continue to use it. Additionally, 73% felt that an app or mobile service didn’t deserve their loyalty if it failed to meet their needs.

Caroline Ahmed from Foolproof said: “Mobile devices are changing how consumers think, feel and act.  From shopping and banking to gaming, media and entertainment, mobile is creating valuable opportunities to engage with consumers in new ways, at new times, and in new places.  

“From this research, we have seen how established brands are struggling to fill these new spaces in consumers’ lives and how the need for innovation in mobile product and service design has become a strategic issue for protecting and growing market share.   

“But we now know that customer engagement with a mobile platform is fragile. Retailers should be mindful that they may only have one chance to get it right with mobile users, before they default to better-performing competitors.”


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