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Study reveal brands that deliver greatest "sense of wellbeing"

9th Nov 2011
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Only a handful of brands in the UK contribute to a sense of wellbeing among UK-based consumers, a new study has found.

Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Unilever are the most meaningful brands in the UK as they “make a significant contribution to our lives and communities” and therefore are rewarded by greater consumer loyalty and attachment.
However UK consumers feel that only 5% of brands have a positive impact on our sense of wellbeing and quality of life, well below the global average of 20%, and most people in the UK would not care if 91% of brands ceased to exist.
The Havas Media study, however, also found that a brand’s impact on “collective wellbeing” including community, society and environment, is considered less important by UK consumers than other markets.
The Meaningful Brands Index aims to “connect quality of life and wellbeing to brands” and claims the study is the first of its kind to offer a new framework to measure and build brand value “in the context of today’s demanding environment”.
The findings suggest that brands in the UK have a huge opportunity to increase the impact of their brand by better communicating their long-term CSR objectives.
Kate Cox, head of strategy at Havas Media’s MPG Media Contacts UK, says: “Whilst global comparisons with the UK about the role of brands and businesses to positively impact individuals, communities and the environment look disappointing, it’s perhaps more a reflection of the current economic outlook in developed economies versus emerging markets than representative of systematic cynicism of the British population.
“M&S and Sainsbury’s are great showcases for businesses that are actively trying to redefine the relationship between short-term profit and long-term brand equity, both in their business practices and the way they communicate these to British citizens,” Cox added.
The study of 50,000 consumers in 14 countries about 300 brands in 12 industry sectors measured the perceived impact of brands on personal wellbeing such as fitness, health, self esteem, happiness, values, intelligence and satisfaction as well as collective wellbeing such as how brands help improve communities, societies and the environment.
The UK’s top ten meaningful brands
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Unilever
  • Tesco
  • Walmart (Asda)
  • Mars
  • Danone
  • O2
  • Starbucks
  • Wrigley

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