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Study reveals the secrets of CX leadership recruitment

4th Apr 2019
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New research is providing a profile of senior customer experience recruitment, including where they are being hired, what they earn and what kinds of organisations are recruiting them. 

Senior customer experience leadership roles are on the rise as organisations adapt to a competitive landscape where in many sectors CX is a greater differentiator for businesses than price and product. And now new research has shed more light on these roles and where they are emerging. 

Last year, a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reported that more than one in four (26%) UK companies have increased investment in customer experience by more than 25% in the last three years.

Now, a new report from Feefo has revealed the scale that recruitment for CX leadership roles has reached.

Based on analysis of more than 120,000 job listings from ten leading countries, Feefo’s research found that North America is the hotbed of customer experience leadership recruitment. The US has by far the most aggressive recruitment drive, boasting 316 senior roles vacant per million of the working population. Canada is in second place with 103, while the UK is in third with 70 per million. 

Elsewhere in the world, the recruitment of senior CX professionals is still in its early days, with European countries such as France having a mere 2.9 senior CX job vacancies per million, and Germany 6.9. However, with the Economist Intelligence Unit predicting that investment in customer experience across Europe will increase by 10% in the next three years, this could be set to change in the near future.

Nonetheless, despite North America's domination, it is London that is the city that is placing the most importance on CX development and recruitment. 

With 2,668 vacancies, London has over five times (532%) more senior CX job opportunities than the average of 422 for the rest of the world.

The top five cities advertising the most CX leader jobs according to the research are:

  1. London: 2,668
  2. Seattle: 2,555
  3. New York: 2,344
  4. Toronto: 694
  5. Sydney: 388

The UK is also willing to pay its CX leaders more money. Analysis of salaries on offer in both the UK and US for those in senior roles, found that in the UK 33% of senior customer experience jobs offer a salary of £50,000 or higher versus only 25% in the US - perhaps reflecting a greater sense of urgency felt in the UK for recruiting customer experience professionals.

The research also indicates that financial services and telecoms are two of the industries that are most rapidly recruiting customer experience expertise. Of the five organisations advertising the most senior customer experience job roles in the UK, two are banks (HSBC and Barclays), and two are in telecoms (Vodafone and BT). However, the brand advertising the most senior CX roles is online retail giant Amazon, according to the study. 

Although nearly half of the vacancies being advertised were seeking a 'customer experience manager' a variety of different customer experience roles were identified during the research, including those with a strong focus on customer insight, and a requirement for digital expertise. 

The job roles with the highest demand in the UK were:

  1. Customer experience manager - 42% of roles advertised
  2. Head of customer experience - 22%
  3. Digital customer experience manager - 15%
  4. Head of customer insight - 14%
  5. Head of customer trust - 7%

The full report is available to download here.

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