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Tablet users more likely to shop online; more open to ads - study

14th Feb 2012
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Tablet users find advertising on tablets more acceptable, memorable and enticing than on smartphones and are more likelly to use the device to shop online, a new study has found. 

Research company Nielsen surveyed 1,762 users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and found the majority (nearly 1,000) used tablets to browse the internet. The UK Connected Devices report found that 40% of users agreed ‘advertising is acceptable’ on their tablet, compared to their smartphone.

Tablet users are also more likely to remember ads better, with 48% recalling seeing ads on their tablet "about once a day", compared with 37% using smartphones. Ads viewed on tablets are also more likely to entice consumers than smartphone ads, with 10% of those surveyed claiming they made a direct purchase through their tablet, compared to 7% on their smartphone.

Consumers shopping via tablet computers are more likely to request orders courier delivered to their home than if they were browsing on a smartphone, according to the report. 

David Gosen, Nielsen’s digital strategy leader in Europe, said: “There is now one tablet for every six smartphones in the UK, a ratio which continues to close. Our report shows that this increasingly popular device category is changing consumer behaviour and presents significant potential for advertisers. For example, more users reached for their tablet (28%) to look up product information for an ad they saw on TV, than their smartphone (18%).”

He continued: “Tablets are driving an increase in ‘dual screening’. This is both good and bad for advertisers. Consumers are unfortunately more distracted during TV ad breaks, with 64% simultaneously using a tablet while watching TV at least ‘several times a week’. But intelligent, integrated campaigns with TV, app and search elements can deliver a powerful, cohesive brand message like never before. Understanding how consumer behaviour is evolving is the key to success.”

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