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Tell us how you're taming the digital customer experience - and win an iPad!

4th Apr 2012
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Dominic Graveson outlines a new project that will paint a picture of how brands are tackling the challenges of delivering an increasing combination of core services and being heard online in 2012.

A good definition of digital customer experience is as "any touch point or contact that your customers or prospects have with your brand through digital (online) means". Over the past five years this has changed in scope from a territory you pretty much controlled yourself (through service delivery for some, web presence, communication and ad campaigns) to a beast which pervades almost all aspects and context of daily life.
This, quite understandably, can appear overwhelming to many, with the continuing march toward distributed content, multi-channel consumption and social media ubiquity. Your campaign or presence can sometimes appear like it's fighting an uphill struggle against the tide of popular opinion.
This is where the Digital Customer Experience Survey 2012 aims to help. Created in partnership with our friends at, the survey aims to cut through the jargon and paint a picture of how brands are tackling the challenges of delivering an increasing combination of core services and being heard online in 2012, and balancing awareness of their customer’s ownership of their conversations about their brands with the official marketing message.
The DCE Survey comes from a rich heritage of industry research and analysis from the cScape stable. cScape were the first with the Customer Engagement Survey way back in 2007 which is now in its 5th year and is the largest of its kind in the world with over 1,000 respondents from over 50 countries. The DCE Survey picks up from here with a more focused look at how companies are delivering core services to customers and channel shifting customer contact into the digital space.
Digital customer experience may be a moving target, but one you need to keep top of mind to stay within the most humble of customer expectations. However you define it, and whether you deliver core services through the web or not (and these days you probably do) it is being driven by changing customer expectation from a generation of consumers native within the Facebook/Foursquare/Twitter universe. We would love to hear how you are experiencing the adventure!
Delivering customer experience digitally offers a massive opportunity to learn about who your customers are, what they want, why they love you, and what you can do to improve. It is so much more an opportunity than a threat. By placing digital at the heart of your business, you can truly understand how your customers tick. What drives them to buy, when they have the greatest need, and when you can add value.
By taking part in the survey you will join other businesses in learning more about your activities and how key strategies across customer lifecycle touchpoints, customer services channel shift, social media monitoring and direct dialogue with users can create a virtuous cycle of quality delivery and ongoing feedback leading to improvement.
The big challenge has been how businesses make sense of all this as a whole. It has been on the edges for years, but now orgs are starting to bring it all together and this survey hopes to uncover the key trends in that transformation.
You can take the survey by clicking here - with all respondents entered into a draw to win a new iPad.

Dom Graveson is head of digital strategy and engagement for cScape. Find him on Twitter at @dombles.

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