Trust, products and service keys to becoming a leading brand

22nd Nov 2010

To create a leading brand, it must be liked and trusted and be supported by high quality products and superb customer service, according to a new report.

The survey among 1,010 UK respondents undertaken by The Futures Company, a consultancy that also researches global trends, also indicated that putting customer satisfaction first was a key characteristic of a leading brand as was always putting mistakes right.

The aim of the online poll was to establish the top 10 characteristics of top brands but it also explored the top 10 characteristics of an effective leader. Here being a good communicator topped the poll along with being willing to take responsibility for both good and bad decisions.

Identifying the most important actions needed by the business was also considered important as was having a firm grasp of the facts.

J Walker Smith, The Future Company’s executive chairman, said at the Marketing Society’s Annual Conference last week: "People aren’t looking for leaders to make predictions. They want leaders who can articulate an aspiration and point the way to a future to be created. This is all about purpose. Our research makes clear that purpose is one of the key things people want from leadership these days."

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