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The rapid increase in the use of social media and mobile technology has put online customer engagement at the forefront of every business strategy. 

But while the number of channels of engagement are ever-increasing online, the amount of noise customers have to deal with is also increasing. Especially in B2B, where a recent Gallup survey found that nearly three-quarters of B2B customers do not feel they are being engaged effectively by the businesses they transact with.  

Joining forces with our sister site, Business Zone, we conducted a series of interviews with Caroline James, Head of Social Media at Microsoft UK, to explore why customer engagement is becoming so vital to businesses - especially for those in a period of sustained growth. The three videos cover off what customer engagement means in a digital world; how you can improve customer engagement and what a 'truly engaged customer' looks like:

How can you improve customer engagement?

Getting engagement right with your customers an be a huge boost for your business. The second video takes a closer look at social engagement strategies, what you should be measuring in your business and the tools that are available to you to do it. This includes:

  • Four key pieces of advice about customer engagement
  • How to measure success – awareness, appreciation (sentiment and engagement) and action
  • Knowing what you stand for on social media

“We need to keep in mind the end action we want that customer to take. Whether that’s picking up the phone or downloading a trial on site, it’s about understanding what success looks like and optimising for that,” says James.

What does a truly engaged customer look like?

We all want fans, right? No matter how niche your service or product it’s likely you’ll have loyal fans out there. This video looks at how to find fans using social media and encourage them to continue being a supporter of your business. Including

  • The importance of social proof
  • The vital role social media plays in developing fans
  • The importance of relevance in increasing conversions

“The final part of being a fan is how much they’re talking about your product or service. If they’re not going to talk about you it’s still great that they’re a fan, but you really want to boost that connection so that they’re actively giving word of mouth recommendations,” says James.

How does your customer engagement measure up to your business peers?

We surveyed over 200 UK businesses to find out how different companies engage (or don’t engage) with their customers. Download your free copy of our Driving Growth Through Customer Engagement report to find out what your peers and competitors are doing and how you can better engage with your customers.

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