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Brands failing to deliver consistent customer experience, warns CIM

23rd Jul 2012
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Marketers that fail to deliver a consistent, integrated customer experience are putting customer loyalty at risk, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has warned.

The organisation surveyed 100 senior marketing and brand leaders across international organisations and found only 13% of brand owners believe their company excels at delivering a day-to-day customer experience.

According to the CIM, this is due to a disconnect between senior leaders and front-line employees regarding customer insight and brand strategy, which questions the effectiveness of insight being shared and actually used internally.

Additionally, the report revealed just 14% of those surveyed believed that customer insight and research are the main drivers of decision making in their business whilst ‘superficial emphasis’ on brand management emerged as another concern.

This is despite seven out of 10 marketers rating investments in customer experience as more effective than those of marketing communications when building brands and driving customer performance.

However, respondents reported positive representation and involvement of marketing and brand teams in a wide range of cross-business initiatives, from corporate strategy development (80%) to new product/service development (87%); new market entry (81%) to alliances and joint ventures (51%). 

Thomas Brown, head of insights at CIM, said “This study shows that leadership and belief have the greatest impact on successfully delivering a branded customer experience – more so than improving measurement or operations, for example. In short – this suggests you can lead your way to a branded experience, but not manage your way there. 

“Our findings make clear the priorities for marketing and brand leaders: take a more active role in educating ‘up’ in the organisation, work through the business to build insight and understanding amongst all levels of employees and actively play the role of the ‘change agent’. Finally, understand that evolving culture takes time, but a focus on leadership and belief will yield results.”

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