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Clickypoints launches retail points-based loyalty scheme

16th Nov 2012
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Clickypoints is attempting to ‘revolutionise’ the customer loyalty industry with a new retail points-based scheme.

Launching in December, each Clickypoint is worth the equivalent of £1 in spending value and can be spent across all retailers participating in the scheme.

Retailers can choose to offer customers one of six reward levels – from the basic ‘Express’ to ‘Premier’ level – which determine the percentage of the purchase price that customers can receive in points.

However, customers must wait for a full 12 months if they want to redeem their rewards at full value. For instance, if a customer buys a sofa costing £500, with a Clickypoints ‘Premier’ level of 50 they would get an extra £250 to spend if they wait a year to redeem their points. If a customer chooses not to use their Clickypoints after 12 months, the points value is then transferred into the customer’s ‘Clickypoints bank account’. 

Customers that receive Express level points are simply transferred to the customer’s account, typically within 7 – 14 days.

Clickypoints pays retailers within three days for points redeemed by customers.

Clickypoints MD Stewart Cameron said: “At Clickypoints we want to revolutionise the model of engaging with customers so that retailers and customers benefit alike.  The scheme is entirely free to join for retailers of all shapes and sizes. 

“What’s on offer is a customer loyalty scheme that will make your business a preferred shopping location: customers will seek you out time after time as the points gained by shopping with you actually mean something to them and their families.”

The scheme will be rolled out across the UK from December and is free for retailers and customers to join.


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