Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby: How we revolutionised customer loyalty

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Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby are the founders of dunnhumby, and the brains behind Tesco's hugely successful Clubcard scheme. Introduced in 1995, Clubcard became the world’s most successful retail loyalty scheme and today provides insights into shopping habits of approximately half of all UK households.

Having sold the Dunnhumby business to Tesco for £93m, they recently joined the board of social network analytics firm Starcount. Here, they talk about how their work with Clubcard heralded a new age of customer insight, why they think social data is so important, and why Big Data is a myth. 


00.11 - Could you tell us about Dunnhumby's rise to prominence?

01.29 - How did you work with Tesco to develop Clubcard, in what would become the world’s most successful retail loyalty scheme?

03.58 - How did customers initially react to this new form of data collection about them?

07.05 - How is the age of Big Data – and the volumes of structured and unstructured customer data available –impacting customer insight?

09.05 - What advice can you share on how to measure customer loyalty?

10.24 - You've now joined the board of social network analytics firm Starcount. What was the appeal of social data?

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