Infographic: Are customers becoming brand loyal again?

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Consumers are increasingly loyal to brands, but at the same time they put more effort into researching and finding deals.

This paradox is at the heart of the modern customer, according to the Customer Engagement 2017 research from the DMA, which reveals those who stay loyal for both routine and special purchases has risen from 40% in 2016 to 50% in 2017.

This infographic summarises the research findings and explores how to win trust and loyalty. 

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Loyalty infographic

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27th Aug 2017 07:57

I don't think that we can categorize customers so easily when it comes to buying and spending habits. I mean, market research is definitely useful when you are talking about specific brands, but one solution for a certain type of product would not be applicable to another. As a simple example, how people react to rental rates at a storage facility in Bulimba might not equate to the people in Logan City. People are different and marketing strategies need to be adjusted as so!

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