Customer loyalty
Customer loyalty

Infographic: The true value of customer loyalty programmes

14th Jan 2016

There are 3.3 billion loyalty programme members in the US alone - that represents an average of 29 (!!!) per household. 

And loyalty programme membership is on the rise once again. 

But how does this translate into customer profitability?

This infographic by Selfstartr, examines:

  • How profitable loyalty programmes are.
  • Why most brands get loyalty wrong. 
  • And who loyalty programmes are REALLY for. 


customer loyalty programme

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By Pippa Clark
15th Jan 2016 10:11

Great infographic!

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By fiskar
19th Jan 2016 10:05

Hi, is it possible to download this? / Hans

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Replying to fiskar:
By Neil Davey
19th Jan 2016 16:08

Hi Hans, email me at [email protected] and I'll send you over a high res version. Thanks.

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