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Loyalty trumps price for online shoppers

14th Dec 2012
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Over half of online shoppers prefer to shop from their favourite websites than browse the internet for the best price elsewhere, new research has found.

Additionally, EPiServer’s survey of 1,000 UK consumers to examine the digital high street showed online shopping is growing with over a third claiming to have increased the number of purchases made online in the last year.

Mobile commerce was also found to be on the rise with nearly 44% of those surveyed having used their mobile device in the last six months to shop online.

However, the survey revealed that the traditional high street still has a place in the UK retail landscape. A whopping 94% of respondents were shown to have shopped on the high street alongside shopping online.

Clothes and shoes were found to be the most frequent online purchases (46%), followed by CDs/DVDs/video games (45%), and books/stationery (37%), the figures showed.

David Bowen from EPiServer, said: “The digital high street continues to boom, but our research goes to show that the ease of online shopping has not killed brand loyalty and a positive customer experience is still more important to UK shoppers than price.

“Retailers shouldn’t just be trying to compete on price; instead they ought to concentrate on delivering the best possible online experience to keep customers spending. Unfortunately our report also showed that many online retailers are actually still letting customers down in many areas, and they will be missing out on market share as a result.”

The research also revealed that consumers are becoming increasingly vocal online. One third (33%) of online shoppers have contacted a retailer through social media at least once in the last six months with a problem, query or complaint whilst 35% have published or commented on a recent online purchase on social media. 

Bowen added: “The rise of social media brings both challenges and opportunities for retailers; many businesses remain hesitant to engage with social media but, the fact is, consumers are using it regardless. There is nowhere to hide online, so a great customer experience is championed widely whilst poor service can spread like wildfire.”


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