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Mobile operators trump retailers in customer loyalty survey

19th Jun 2012
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Mobile operators have leapt ahead of fashion retailers, pubs and clubs, petrol stations and restaurants and cafes to secure the loyalty of 53% of the British population, new research has shown. 

However, the survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers by Ipsos MORI and The Logic Group revealed that despite this, only 17% of respondents are members of mobile operator loyalty schemes.

Antony Jones, CEO of The Logic Group, said: “It is slightly surprising that in a market where competition is driven by being able to offer the best priced contracts for the popular handsets, it is the network operators and not the handset manufacturers that actually benefit from greater customer loyalty.  

“It does mean there is now a great opportunity for mobile operators to increase custom with greater loyalty schemes and offerings.”

The research also revealed an acceptance of social media loyalty programmes with 22% visiting  the Facebook page of a company they are loyal to, whilst 8% follow such brands on Twitter.

Jones added: “From a customer point of view social media is changing the way they now interact with companies. For businesses, using platforms such as Facebook gives a greater opportunity to influence and engage with customers along their purchasing journey, whether that is responding to an enquiry or offering special loyalty deals to followers.”

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