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Steve Prentice, Gartner: Seven steps to finding your customer’s ‘bonio’

12th Jun 2012
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Experience links to engagement which links to emotion and results in loyalty. “Find out what incentives will result in loyalty; find your customer’s ‘bonio’,” according to Steve Prentice.

Speaking at the Gartner Customer Strategies and Technology Summit in London, the VP and Gartner Research Fellow explained that the “secret sauce” to a winning customer relationship is based on a concoction of experience, engagement and emotion.

“Emotion is no longer about the product or price but the level of engagement,” he said. Consumers are driven by the subconscious elements surrounding a transaction – how they feel about a product is most important.

In his keynote, ‘Building Emotional Resonance with Customers – ‘Feel or die’, Prentice outlined seven steps to a happy customer relationship based on those three elements:

  1.  Gain their attention: People today are socially connected and socially enabled. You need to make yourself known.
  2.  Focus on the experience: Customers are prepared to pay more for experience. By creating a premium experience, your services cannot be eaily replicated by another organisation.
  3. Think moments – how did you make them feel? Mobile provides an important opportunity to connect with customers at the point of experience, whilst their still experiencing it.
  4.  Span the channels – link their worlds: Consumers experience not just via mobile, the web or in-store, but all these things.
  5.  Make it fun! Exploit gamification: Gamification improves performance and stickiness, helps people focus on what you want them to do, it’s enjoyable for them and produces results.
  6.  Make them think the relationship is all about them: If you can make them feel that they’re in control then you start to win.
  7. Feel or die: If you don’t start thinking about how someone’s going to feel you will die.

“Unless you can get customers to feel something about the relationship they have with your organisation, you’re going to have serious problems,” he concluded.

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