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Adobe introduces Social to measure social media ROI

6th Sep 2012
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With many marketers finding it difficult convincing senior management of the value of social media, Adobe has launched Social, a new product to help firms measure the business impact of their social media campaigns.

Combining listening platform Adobe SocialAnalytics and its Contextual Optional solution acquired in January earlier this year, Social helps businesses buy adver­tis­ing, pub­lish to fans and fol­low­ers, dri­ve engage­ment and mea­sur­e busi­ness out­comes.

For instance, organisations can track the per­for­mance of all social media posts for a cam­paign and compare that data to company-specific key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors (KPIs), build their own social apps, monitor mentions of the brand and identify key influencers for targeted marketing.

Adobe product marketing manager Jamie Brighton gave a tour of the new product and explained that Social was built with two concepts in mind:

“The first is to create business impact from social media so we've combined all of the key capabilities of social marketing into one platform and a single workflow,” he said. “It enables you to publish to multiple social networks, manage your entire brand presence, create and launch apps and also to amplify your content with social advertising as well as do things like listen to the conversation and, importantly, be able to respond.

“But really, the key thing is giving you visibility beyond the wall garden of social networks and allow our customers to understand how social media efforts impacts things like purchase and brand value.”

Along with combining Social Analytics and Contextual Optional, Social also has a number of integrations into the broader Digital Marketing Suite which Brighton explained will help Adobe users take social wherever their customers go.

Following its announcement at the company's Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City earlier this year, Social underwent months of beta testing with a number of firms before Adobe announced its availability from today. 

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