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Adobe rolls monitoring, engagement and analytics into new social tool

21st Mar 2012
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More than 4,000 digital marketers and business leaders have gathered in Salt Lake City for Adobe's Digital Marketing Summit 2012, where the software giant made a series of major announcements.

Amongst the biggest news were a number of upgrades to its marketing suite, additions to its web experience management product, and the unveiling of a new social tool to support collaboration.

The new social product, which will be integrated into its Digital Marketing Suite, is designed to give marketers a single platform to align and collaborate their social media strategies, combining social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics, which the firm says can attribute social activity to business results.

The offering will build on the social media management technology Adobe acquired earlier this year as part of the Context Optional/Efficient Frontier purchase, as well as the social media monitoring and analytics of Adobe SocialAnalytics.

Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager for Adobe's Digital Marketing Business, said: “The sheer scale of word-of-mouth that can be accomplished on social media can become a powerful boost or tragic descent for any company and is best managed if a company’s social marketers are in lock-step. Adobe Social brings to social marketing the control and accountability expected across other digital channels. The ultimate aim is to help social media as a marketing channel mature and prove its worth alongside other digital marketing investments.”  

Commenting on the announcement, Mary Wardley, program vice president of CRM Applications for IDC, said: “With social marketing, companies are building awareness and relationships, driving engagement and transactions and creating loyalty. Unfortunately, this is often a siloed and disjointed effort, in no small part because companies are using point products for different pieces of social marketing. The ability to manage all aspects of social marketing in a manner that allows for the ability to measure performance alongside other digital marketing initiatives should be a goal for every digital marketer serious about social.”

Adobe Social will be available in the latter half of 2012.

Tackling Big Data

In other announcements, Adobe also revealed new predictive marketing capabilities within the Digital Marketing Suite in a move that the company says will help marketers uncover hidden behavioural patterns in Big Data. This new capability will enable users to sort through an increasing amount of real-time data, as well as historical, to predict future results. 

“In the early days of digital marketing, analytics emerged to tell us what happened and, as analytics got better, why it happened. Then solutions emerged to make it easier to act on data and optimize results,” said Rencher. “But the sheer amount of available data presents a challenge to quickly extract insights and act while those insights are still valuable. The new predictive capabilities within the Digital Marketing Suite address these challenges and help marketers turn big data into a big opportunity.”  

The company also used the Summit to unveil a major update to its Web Experience Management (WEM) solution which aims to help marketers drive engagement through delivering more relevant experiences on the web, mobile devices and social media.

The latest solution includes:

  • Unified Web Content Management (WCM) for marketers to leverage customer context in order to personalise online experiences.
  • HTML5 Mobile Applicatio, which supports content across the web, mobile sites and smartphone and tablet apps.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) integrated with Adobe creative tools and the forthcoming Adobe Creative Cloud to streamline creation and re-use of rich media.

Adobe also announced an update to Adobe CQ, its WCM software at the heart of the WEM solution, which is also integrated with other products in the suite. Adobe CQ 5.5 offerings include client context to optimise personal customer experiences; mobile app development to create HTML5-based mobile apps; and DAM to enable collaborartion on rich media assets. 

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