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MyCustomer is surveying our audience to learn more about how medium to large organisations are using different sources of insight to better understand their customers. 

The survey findings will then be published in a research report later this year. By taking part in the survey, you'll be the first to receive a copy of the research. 

We’ll look at areas including:

  • What sources of insight organisations are most commonly using
  • How these insights are being used
  • What the barriers are to useful customer insights

The survey is for organisations of 10+ employees and should take under five minutes to complete. Respondents will receive a copy of the research report when published.

Click here to take the survey. 


About Neil Davey


Neil Davey is the managing editor of MyCustomer. An experienced business journalist and editor, Neil has worked on a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites over the past 15 years, including Internet Works, CXO magazine and Business Management. He joined Sift Media in 2007.


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07th Jun 2018 08:52

This is an important study, i look forward to the results.

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