Google swoops for social analytics firm PostRank

7th Jun 2011

Google is continuing the social media shopping spree begun last summer by acquiring engagement measurement tools vendor PostRank for an undisclosed sum.

The Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based start-up’s software is used respectively by publishers and advertisers to determine the popularity of their content as well as the effectiveness of their social marketing campaigns.
Ilya Grigorik, PostRank’s co-founder and chief technology officer said in a blog that the firm was pleased to be joining a company that "understands the value of the engagement data we have been focusing on, and has the platform and reach to bring its benefits to the untold millions of daily, active Internet users".
The service works by ranking posts in RSS feeds based on social media metrics such as number of comments, inbound links or mentions on Twitter. Customers can then set up a filtered feed of the most discussed items. They can also use the service to understand where their own and rivals’ content is being used and by whom.
PostRank’s staff and co-founders, Grigorik, Francis Lau and Kevin Thomason will now move to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California and the team and its software are expected to be integrated into Google’s Analytics unit. The firm was set up in July 2007 when it was known as AideRSS.
Google said in a statement: "We’re always looking for new ways to measure and analyse data, and as social analytics become increasingly important for online businesses, we’re excited to work with the PostRank team to make this data more actionable and accountable."
The acquisition’s "innovative approach" to measuring web engagement would help Google improve its own products,” the vendor added.

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