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IBM combats Big Data with new analytical decision management solution

22nd Jun 2012
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IBM has launched a new predictive analytics tool aimed at helping companies analyse Big Data sources, including social networks, to make more informative decisions.

The new Analytical Decision Management software, part of IBM’s Smarter Analytics series, allows users to apply automated, real-time analytics to any data and analyse the information to uncover trends.

The tool also includes a new social analytics features that analyses sentiment, which allows organisations to identify social influencers.

Customers can then use the gathered insight to make predictive decisions, which can be consumed by existing pre-packaged or custom-built applications, including many applications on the mainframe, said the firm.

The firm is also including its Entity Analytics engine within the solution, providing context based capabilities in order to understand how data is related.

Deepak Advani, VP of business analytics products and solutions at IBM, said: “In today's marketplace, when a customer says they're not happy, companies must decide how to react – not later that day, or in an hour, but instantly.

“With these new technologies, winning organizations can embed analytics into under-served areas of their business, empowering all employees to make information based decisions.”

With the new product release, IBM intends to build on the recent release of IBM’s Operational Decision Management software and is part of IBM's larger focus on business analytics and optimisation.

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