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Majority of businesses worldwide failing to track social media – study

29th May 2012
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Most organisations globally have no effective social media strategy in place and missing opportunities as a result, according to new research.

Satmetrix surveyed 1,180 companies globally and found 39% have no social media tracking in place at all, with B2B firms lagging behind B2C firms. As a result, 55% of companies ignore customers who provide feedback via social media, which increases to 69% for B2B companies compared with 42% for B2C.

Additionally, the research showed that two thirds of businesses do not measure or quantify social media. For those that do quantify in some form, 56% only count the comments and followers whilst only 4% conduct sentiment analysis, said the survey.

Meanwhile, the study revealed 60% of firms do not have an integrated social media strategy.

Richard Owen, CEO at Satmetrix said: “Businesses recognise the need for a social media strategy, however many are challenged in putting an effective strategy in place. Whilst 77% of consumers post about products, 67% of businesses have no means of measuring what is being said and less than one in 20 have any insight into the sentiment of what is being said.

“This is both a huge threat and a massive lost opportunity. Not only are companies running the risk of losing customers by not addressing their issues shared online but they are also walking past the opportunity to capitalise on positive comments made on the social web.”

The survey follows Satmetrix’s recent release of its social media measurement solution SparkScore. The company is expected to release a series of SparkScore solutions in the next few weeks.  

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