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New research reveals the essential role of employee voice in CX

8th Jan 2019
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Voice of the Customer

New research from MyCustomer and Confirmit has revealed that Voice of the Employee (VoE) programmes can deliver dramatic improvements including improved employee engagement and higher customer satisfaction. Yet the majority of organisations have yet to roll out a formal VoE programme.

The study polled 291 CX professionals from medium-to-large organisations to examine how well-adopted VoE programmes are, what obstacles to adoption are most prohibitive, and what best practices are being applied by those reporting most success from their programmes.

Bridging the gap between Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes that collect customer feedback, and employee engagement surveys that collect insights into job engagement, Voice of the Customer through the Employee / Voice of the Employee programmes collect staff feedback to obtain business insights from informed members of frontline teams.

And survey respondents report a range of benefits being delivered by their programmes. Nearly two-thirds of those told us that they have improved employee engagement as a result, while improved customer service and higher customer satisfaction were each reported by nearly half of those surveyed with VoE programmes.

Despite this, most medium-to-large organisations are yet to implement a Voice of the Employee programme, with nearly two-thirds of respondents telling us that they do not yet have one in place. Furthermore, of the 42% that do have a programme in place, nearly half (49%) rely on annual surveys and/or ad hoc vehicles such as suggestion boxes which may not be truly operationalised or capable of driving action or change.

Download the research to learn more of the findings, including:

  • Which department most commonly owns VoE programmes – and who has ownership of the high-performing programmes.
  • What tools and technologies are most commonly used by practitioners – and which are being used by high-performers.
  • How often VoE insights are collected, and how that data is used, and what the practices are of those with high-performing programmes.
  • What the biggest obstacles to VoE adoption are.

For a full analysis of the findings download the research report here.

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