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Omniture takes Summit to the max in bid to tackle "extreme data"

20th May 2011
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The Adobe Omniture Summit saw the firm showcase its social analytics tool amongst other announcements, as it promised to tackle "extreme data".

The Adobe Omniture Summit EMEA 2011 may have kicked off with a montage of death-defying driving and ski-ing projected over two huge screens in London’s Metropole Hotel, but the digital marketing firm believes that the real extreme sport in today’s business world is grappling "extreme data".
With over 1,300 attendees, the fifth Omniture Summit was not only 30% larger than 2010’s event, but according to senior director of marketing Neil Morgan it was also the largest digital marketing conference in Europe this year.
And the crowd were not left disappointed as they were treated to the impressive televisuals and keynotes from two of the best speakers on the circuit – social media guru Brian Solis and customer experience expert Shaun Smith. Even the Summit's sound was turned up to 11 - which led to some grumblings by the end of the day.
But it was Omniture’s home ground, data and analytics, that was central to the majority of the proceedings.
"Think about the last decade and how we consume and we engage with everything around us has changed," said Brad Rencher, VP of the Omniture Business Unit. "We’ve talked about extreme sports and about digital marketing being our extreme sport. But now there is extreme data."
He continued: "I love the quote from [Google chairman] Eric Schmidt when he talked about the fact that we’re now creating more information globally every two days than we did up in the whole time to 2003. And I don’t think there is any market that feels that more acutely than digital marketing, as everything becomes measurable."
This Rencher suggested, placed the company in a position where its customers "count on us to deliver".
"When we started 15 years ago there wasn’t mobile, social or video. As the landscape has evolved and your company has changed, our business has changed. Today we measure 5 trillion transactions on your behalf. With digital and mobile and social within those five trillion transactions it’s clear that the diversity of data streams is going to continue to increase."
Social analytics
The audience was treated to a demo of SiteCatalyst 15, a platform that has been three years in the making and which Rencher described as "the platform for the future – think of F1, and we just popped out the engine in your F1 car to enable you to drive faster than anyone else on the track."
The Adobe SocialAnalytics tool was also showcased, following the announcement that it is now in a global beta programme with customers including Vodafone, MTV Networks and General Motors.
Explaining the potential of this tool, Rencher explained: "You can tap into the collective intelligence of the social web in order to get a perspective on how our customers are thinking about the brand. Being able to get an unfiltered look into the minds of our customers is revolutionary in itself and is really going to bring marketers forward into the next level of marketing. But there has been a challenge up to now – how to tie all of this social goodness to the metrics that mean the most. So wouldn’t it be cool if we could take all of this social monitoring data and tie it with our online analytics in a way that makes that magical connection between social media and our core business KPIs? That’s the connection we’re going to make."
In a further announcement, a new tool for tag management was unveiled. The Tag Manager will serve as a tag container to simplify the process of implementing and maintaining tags on a webpage and across partners.
Summarising Adobe’s vision, Rencher said: "We’re investing across three major areas in and around digital. Content creation - the heritage of Adobe, we enable you as marketers to provide rich digital experiences across all channels and to do that consistently and by removing complexity from the process. Digital publishing – this is a transformative time and we are stepping in to make sure that publishers make the transition to digital and do so profitably. And digital marketing – how do we help you to attract, retain, engage and interact with your customers?"
Rencher concluded: "We’re all about this digital shift and we believe that we’re uniquely positioned to help you do that as you spend billions of dollars in your businesses to move to digital."

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