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Pizza Express: Social media victim or villain?

15th Jan 2013
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Restaurant Pizza Express is the latest brand to become embroiled in a social media flare up - was its joke offensive?

We’ve already seen how brands are steadily becoming more confident with social media but are customers unsure of how to react to this increasingly personable approach?

Pizza Express found itself the latest brand to become embroiled in a social media dispute after posting a Facebook status that read:

But its witty criticism didn’t go down well with Facebook users, despite receiving over 1,000 likes. (Look away now if you’re easily offended.)

One user wrote: “Think the words mouth & foot come to mind here - do your bosses know you are being a twat?” [sic] whilst another speculated: “ Hmm bit hostile a status for a big company! Tht will get business.” [sic]

Pizza Express responded early to the comments with: “Its all love from us. We even added a wink at the end.” [sic]

But that seemed to have no affect slowing the backlash. At the time of writing, the post has clocked up more than 140 comments and 60 shares.

Jumping to the defence of Pizza Express, editor Dan Martin said: “While some Pizza Express fans may be feeling a little annoyed, the company may actually have done itself a favour by showing that it's humans that run the company; not marketing machines.”

What do you think of Pizza Express’ attempt to personalise its Facebook account?

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