Verint integrates voice of the customer analytics into suite
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Verint Systems has integrated a voice of the customer analytics application into the latest release of its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite to enable organisations to take a more holistic approach to customer experience management.

The package enables marketing managers to gather and analyse data about customer interactions gleaned from multiple departments such as product development and customer service and from such channels as web analytics and social media.

The aim is to track individual customers and understand their motivations and sentiments as well as key trends in order to gain insights into their requirements and forecast future behaviour. The application is also intended to act as an “early warning” system to identify any problems at an early stage so that action can be taken before they become more widespread.

Ran Achituv, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ senior vice president of analytics, said that many organisations were unable to access this information quickly enough today in order to make fast, informed decisions.

"As a result, they may be challenged in making changes to increase customer satisfaction and struggle at times to decrease and eliminate inefficiencies surrounding the customer experience, risking customer frustration, attrition and negative perceptions in the market," he added.

The VoC application includes speech analytics software, which feeds information into performance management scorecards, enabling marketers to track and measure specific key performance indicators. Results can also be sent to a Quality Monitoring tool and used to establish where staff coaching and training is required.

Text analytics software, on the other hand, enables users to understand customer interactions and other information gained from a number of channels, including email, web chat sessions and review sites.

A Customer Feedback Surveys tool likewise presents consumers with short, context-sensitive, dynamic surveys in real-time to capture feedback on products, staff performance and satisfaction levels. Information about the interactions of individual customers can then be searched for within proscribed time periods and viewed in a Customer Interaction Summary window.

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