We make growth happen!

We bring our clients the thinking, skills, technology and thirst for results that pushes everyone to deliver on the one thing that really matters. Growth! It’s a blend that’s earned us a ranking as the UK’s #1 digital agency, based on performance and peer & client feedback. In fact one of our clients once said the reason he hired Greenlight was because we were the only agency that seemed to care about counting the money. We took it as a compliment!

We’ve come a long way too. From humble beginnings in a front room with a borrowed PC and a simple desire to supercharge digital revenues, we’ve seen our agency grow to over 130 people, serving over 50 leading brands in over 30 global markets. With the full range of build, marketing, and measurement services, unique technology, and the sheer strength of will to drive change and push boundaries, we help clients realise their digital fortunes.