Heart of the Customer

Heart of the Customer

Heart of the Customer cuts through the noise to identify what is most critical to improve both business and customer outcomes. We work with our clients to create a strong sense of urgency to improve the customer experience and to engage a powerful change coalition before getting into the nuts and bolts of journey mapping and customer journey improvements. It’s this focus that has customers using us to map three, four, five, even six different customer journeys, ensuring progress continues.

Most program – in fact, many peg it as three out of four – fail to drive customer-focused change. By incorporating change management principles, we make sure that we address the most critical issues, and engage both leadership and line staff in the solutions.

While we’re best known for our journey mapping work – hey, we wrote the book on the subject! – our team of experts provides a full suite of customer experience solutions, including both consulting and software implementation.

Some of our more popular services include:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Executive dashboards that combine business and customer outcomes
  • Journey orchestration - CX Workshop facilitation
  • Customer and business measurement alignment
  • Training on customer experience and journey mapping best practices
  • Executive coaching
  • Usermind, Qualtrics, and Quadient solution implementation