Moments of truth

What are moments of truth?

Definition of moments of truth:

In customer experience management, moments of truth represent the points in a customer’s journey with a brand when a key event occurs and an opinion about that brand is formed.

The term was popularised by leading customer experience author, Brian Solis, who developed the theory that four types of ‘moment of truth’ exist.

  • Zero Moment of Truth: The term coined by Google to explain the event in which people now search for information online and make decisions about brands in that instance.
  • First Moment of Truth: The point when a consumer sees a product/ service for the first time and formulates an opinion about it.
  • Second Moment of Truth: The subsequent “collection of moments” that incorporate your customers’ senses.
  • Ultimate Moment of Truth: When an experience with your brand leads customers to publish some form of content expressing their use and enjoyment of your product or service, which becomes a form of advocacy for other people to find and share.

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