Post-click marketing

What is post-click marketing?

Definition of post-click marketing:

Post-click marketing is marketing that engages website visitors after they’ve clicked on an online advertisement.

Digital marketers are obsessed with how many clicks they can generate. It’s the metric that even the top advertisers love to measure.

But because everyone puts so much emphasis on how to generate traffic, many businesses fail to make the most of their leads once they get them.

Post-click marketing aims to put that right. To put it bluntly, the goal of post-click marketing is to maximise ROI.

Post-click marketing lives or dies by a company’s ability to understand its audience.

By creating an accurate customer persona, a business will make it far easier to turn a browser into a buyer.

With knowledge comes power. All the elements will fall into place: copy, design, offers… everything.


Definition courtesy of Splash Copywriters

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