Bettina Papirio-Faerber, One & All


Bettina Papirio-Faerber

VP, Strategy & CX

One & All

United States of America

“When I started my role as vice president of strategy and CX at One & All, customer experience did not exist within the organisation”. With less of an uphill struggle and more of a mountain to climb, in a little over a year, Bettina Papirio-Faerber has taken One & All’s CX vision from non-existent to a key component of the company's DNA.

For Bettina, the single biggest CX issue within the company was that customer experience was transactional, and a gap existed between the experience they thought they were delivering and the reality as experienced by the customer. 

In order to remedy this situation and bring CX into the centre of the organisation, she conducted rigorous research to identify the core obstacles preventing the company from achieving customer experience success. From these obstacles, Bettina was able to outline the four main areas of CX that needed to be addressed: strategy and vision setting, process definition, practice building and lived culture.

This set the foundation for the formalisation of the company’s new CX vision, through the launch of the Intentional North Star programme, which incorporates a concrete CX mission, set CX principles, and a detailed CX Experience map. This programme served the dual purpose of codifying CX within the company and acting as the guidepost for all CX decisions and relationships.

Another key aspect of Bettina’s CX vision is a focus on relationship-centred CX. In order to achieve this, the Sandler method of selling has been employed throughout the organisation, alongside the 70/30 rule. 

Both of these initiatives have allowed for more customer input into the way the company operates. The Sandler method has enabled customers to ask more questions rather than being told what to buy, whereas the 70/30 rule has ensured that conversations with customers see the customer speaking the majority (70%) of the time. 

Whilst admitting that many of her changes were initially met with scepticism, the results that have been achieved have helped the CX team successfully onboard multiple departments and begin embedding CX within the company culture.

These results have included NPS increases across all customers, higher customer satisfaction and retention, and vastly increased visibility into the end-to-end customer journey. 

The culture change has been the hardest thing and could easily have been ignored. But it has enabled us to transform from a transactional company with limited data, into a customer and data-driven company with an ongoing connection with the customer.

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