Charlotte Dunsterville, Sure Telecom

Charlotte Dunsterville

Charlotte Dunsterville

Chief Customer Officer
Sure Telecom 


Charlotte is one of five finalists to be highly commended by our judging panel.

Hired as chief customer officer by Sure Telecom’s CEO six years ago, with a mandate to improve the company’s customer experience, Charlotte Dunsterville subsequently delivered quick wins to improve service standards, and a longer-term strategy that has transformed the organisation’s culture.

As part of her programme of quick wins to reduce complaints, Charlotte used customer journey mapping to help staff understand and empathise with customer pain points, and after identifying communication as the key area for improvement, work to rectify the issue resulted in a 20% reduction in repeat calls within six months and a 17 point increase in CSAT.

Longer-term programmes have included Project Green, a project to define “what success looks like” and implement a programme of customer-led initiatives to improve customer KPIs. This included changing the frequency and language of customer communications, multiskilling staff to work across teams, and mapping customer journeys to identify pain points.

Charlotte has also set up a customer panel for an ongoing conversation about CX with customers, and more recently has been a key part of Sure Telecom’s digital transformation programme, Project Quantum, ensuring that the optimal balance of human and digital service is achieved for the customer.

Charlotte’s work has contributed to Sure Telecom having led the market in both mobile and broadband NPS scores against its competitors for the last four years, while employee engagement scores  have increased significantly during her tenure – something she is most proud of.

"I consider that my key achievement has been to transform the culture internally to a business where it is normal to question and challenge the impact on customers of any decision made and for customers to be a key element of any discussion about business strategy."

Judges’ praise for Charlotte’s application:

"To achieve such a robust focus on CX in an industry that is struggling to do so around the world is a remarkable achievement. Irrespective of size and scale, many others could learn a lot about Charlotte’s approach to creating such an effective focus on customer experience that is delivering tangible results." – Ian Golding

"Having worked in the telecoms industry for many years I know how difficult it is to make changes that stick. With a clear and simple strategy Charlotte has achieved a great deal - 20% reduction in repeat calls, 17-point increase in customer satisfaction…these are no mean feats! I particularly love the fact that she describes her role as representing the Customer on the Exec committee." – Colin Shaw

"Charlotte displayed great clarity in her application. I loved the statement that being a CX leader is, in some ways, the “easiest role in the company – to ask every day what it means for the customer” – this is the approach every CX leader can take in their everyday life, special thanks for that." - Olga Guseva

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