Claire Holden, Ted Baker

Claire Holden

Claire Holden

Head of Customer
Ted Baker


As head of customer at luxury clothing company Ted Baker since April 2017, Claire’s remit has been to action the organisation’s vision of putting customers at the heart of everything it does.

Achieving this has meant bringing alignment to several facets of the business - data, business strategies and roadmaps – with a three-pillar approach underpinning everything they do: centralise, democratise and empower.   

The retailer's work on data, in particular, has been key to its CX programme, enabling it to better understand who its customers are, what drives their behaviours and therefore how they can be better engaged with. This has been possible by adopting fresh ways of analysing existing data to ask new questions and surface new insights. 

In addition to slicing and dicing existing data in new ways, Claire and her team are also capturing new feedback thanks to the global customer community that it has fostered, and with whom the organisation interacts with on a regular basis to capture feedback and solicit opinions. These insights are now shared via presentations, workshops and bulletins across every part of the business, from board level, across global offices and retail locations, and open questions are encouraged to help surface ideas and opinions, and apply learnings to ongoing projects. 

The success has been in some of the core metrics they monitor - driving positive growth in sales, increasing conversion by almost double and revenue  per visit by over 100% amongst some cohorts. NPS has seen positive growth too, almost 20 points ahead of the industry average.

“Ensuring we are delivering above and beyond expectations wherever possible is a huge positive move on from where we were previously. I am incredibly proud of my team and how they are championing the application of data driven insights across not only their day to day but across the entire organisation. They are truly evangelical about our customers!” 

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