Clint Payne, MultiChoice

Clint Payne

Clint Payne

Senior Manager Customer Experience

South Africa

Clint has overseen customer experience at MultiChoice – Africa’s leading entertainment company – since 2012, playing a key role in helping to understand and improve its customers’ journeys, working with both customers and employees to do so.

Initial work on this involved conducting deep qualitative research to understand who its customers are, identifying personas and how they form part of the South African consumer landscape. To surface specific needs, moments of truth and pain points in their journeys, qualitative studies were also conducted with each of the personas at each stage of the journey, while further work quantified the extent of the challenge or opportunity that these insights delivered. This extensive body of research helped MultiChoice design the best journeys and calculate the potential return on new products and services.

Elsewhere, Customer First, a key programme Clint’s team introduced, has been instrumental in guiding strategy on customer experience, whilst spawning ventures such as ‘Project Simplify’, in which the business absorbed redundant and complex activities from customer processes and “Effortless Service”, aimed at making experiences simpler for customers at touchpoints involving human support.  

A Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme has also given MultiChoice new and enriched real-time customer feedback in its call centre and stores. It also provides field service team to enable service recovery and coaching for agents.

Perhaps Clint and his team’s greatest success during their CX journey has been the introduction of the #ninetynine campaign, designed to highlight the important of customer experience to employees throughout MultiChoice and a winner of several international awards, including the CXPA Innovations Award.      

I’ve had the privilege of leading a large CX team and shape the future of our organisation...The influence I will have on our organisation’s future will far outstrip any influence I could have as a result of my position – it’s daunting and exciting in equal measure."

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